Dental Crowns and Bridges

Modern dentistry has given us the ability to achieve virtually ideal restorations. They are natural looking, comfortable and stable in the moist environment of the mouth. We’re better equipped than ever to build strong, long-lasting crowns to replace compromised teeth.

What is a crown?

A crown (or cap) is a restoration placed over a broken tooth that cannot sustain a conventional filling. By covering the biting surfaces and sides of the tooth, a crown strengthens the damaged tooth by binding together the remaining structures.


When is a crown necessary?

  • A tooth that has been filled more than once cracks, breaks off, or falls victim to secondary caries—a cavity under or around a filling.
  • You’ve had root canal therapy on a tooth, and it’s prone to brittleness.
  • A tooth has suffered severe enamel wear.
  • A fractured tooth from trauma.