Patient with Knocked Out Tooth

What To Do For A Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth completely out of its socket is also called “tooth avulsion.”

If you have a knocked-out tooth (also called tooth avulsion), it’s always a stressful situation. After the initial trauma, you likely won’t be in any immediate pain or danger. However, you will definitely be stressed, possibly in shock, and probably not thinking clearly. Here’s what to remember: Don’t Panic!

The most important thing is not to panic. A knocked-out tooth can be saved if you seek immediate treatment. We’ll do everything in our power to save the tooth, but remember that time is of the essence. The best chances to retain the tooth are when it is “replanted” (secured back in its socket) in 30 minutes or less!

When a tooth is knocked-out, the goal is to minimize the amount of time it’s out of the mouth’s environment. You may replant the tooth yourself (if it stays in place), and parents can assist children to do the same. However, it’s still necessary to come to the office immediately. That way, we can examine the tooth and secure it in place (if necessary) to provide extra stability.

If the tooth does not stay in by itself, wrap the tooth in wet paper towel and bring it with you. Additionally, if the tooth is dirty, we advise you against cleaning the tooth yourself, as you may inadvertently cause more damage.

Other Dental Emergencies

Every dental emergency is different. However, in every situation, keeping calm and seeking treatment as soon as possible is always the recommended course of action.

If you experience a toothache or other pain from damaged teeth, or even just a lost crown or filling, we’re here to relieve your pain and correct the problem. Contact us today, and we’ll do everything possible to provide treatment as soon as possible.