Flossing TeethMost of us recognize the difference between our age in years and the age we “appear to be.” RealAge, a book by Michael Roizen, MD, lends scientific credence to these notions. With research gleaned from more than 25,000 clinical studies connecting mortality rates to behavior, Dr. Roizen suggests that many factors contribute to our “real age”:

Are you as young as you can be?

Health Management

People who manage their chronic problems reduce their RealAge by as much as 12 years compared with those who ignore their health.


Gum disease causes aging: periodontal problems tack on 3.4 years beyond our actual calendar age.

As more links between dental health and longevity are discovered, it’s imperative to take care of your teeth and gums. Don’t add decades to your “Real Age”—get a checkup soon.


You can lower your RealAge by up to nine years if you adopt a vigorous exercise regimen that burns 3,500 Kcal per week with 30 minutes of resistance exercises.


Your RealAge can be 32 years older than your calendar age during times of extreme stress.


Puts your RealAge ahead of your calendar age by eight years.

Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure (160/90) add 25 more years to their chronological age than those with low blood pressure (115/75).