Woman With Tooth SensitivityIs Tooth Sensitivity Causing Problems?

Find Treatment for Tooth Pain and Discomfort

Tooth sensitivity can be a recurring issue that results in pain or discomfort when eating the foods you love! Don’t live with the irritation and sensitivity any longer. Call (408) 532-0435 for a consultation.

Tooth sensitivity may have several different causes, but it’s usually due to some variety of damage or decay to your teeth.

Possible Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Enamel Loss

Tooth enamel provides vital protection. When it’s lost, problems are likely to follow. Enamel loss can be the result of tooth grinding (bruxism), acid erosion, too many sugary drinks, or chronic dry mouth. Teeth are usually covered by a healthy layer of enamel, which is the hardest substance in the human body. When this insulating material goes missing, the tooth dentin is vulnerable to hot or cold changes in temperature, as well as other irritating factors.

We can apply bonding material or sealants over the exposed areas with enamel loss. In extreme grinding cases, we can provide other restorative options to repair the teeth, and may recommend a nightguard to prevent further damage.

Other Tooth Damage

Any damage can expose the sensitive dentin within the tooth. These problems can include even small cavities, as well as more substantial damage like tooth decay, cracks, fractures, or broken teeth. Treat these conditions with fillings, dental crowns, or other restorations.

Gum Recession

While the visible chewing surface of teeth (called the crown) has enamel to protect it, the lower portion below the gumline is much more sensitive. When gum recession occurs, usually due to periodontal (gum) disease, root surfaces become exposed. We can place bonding material or tooth-colored fillings to treat exposed and damaged tooth roots. We may also recommend a variety 0f periodontal treatments to prevent further gum recession.

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