Sugary Drinks

Which Drinks Should You Avoid

Some of the most harmful substances for your oral health are the drinks we have every day. Even seemingly healthier options can negatively impact teeth, so it’s essential to understand the properties of the liquids we consume.

Fruit Juice

Most people mistakenly believe that fruit juice is a healthy beverage choice. However, even 100% juice is extremely high in naturally occurring sugar. Others, such as citrus juice, are high in acidity as well. To prevent some of the negative effects of tooth erosion, consider diluting your fruit juice with water.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are often marketed as necessary for proper hydration during athletic activities, but they also contain lots of sugar, sometimes enough to rival soda. To get the facts, always read the label and educate yourself on what you are putting into your body.

Red Wine

Red wine poses several problems for teeth. The nature of its dark color can stain tooth enamel and leave your smile looking drab. Furthermore, it’s high in acidity on the pH scale and can directly lead to enamel erosion. The alcohol content also exacerbates the problem by causing dehydration, resulting in less saliva to protect the teeth.

Coffee Drinks

Coffee may seem like a necessity for getting going in the morning, but it can negatively affect teeth. Dark coffee can leave stains on teeth. In addition to the cosmetic effects, it’s high in acidity. Combine that with the sugar, which many people add, and it’s a recipe for enamel erosion.


Soda tops our list as the most harmful drink you can choose in terms of dental health. In general, carbonation leads to higher acidity on the pH scale, but that’s just the beginning. Soda has loads of sugar, dark cola can stain teeth, and the carbonation can lead to dehydration. It’s best to avoid all types of soda altogether.

The Healthiest Drink

Instead of all these unhealthy choices, consider choosing water! With zero calories, zero sugar, a neutral pH, and no tooth staining properties, it is the perfect healthy beverage. At the very least, when drinking unhealthy options, do your teeth of favor by rinsing your mouth with water afterward.