Deep Cleaning

What’s Involved During a Deep Cleaning?

You probably know what goes on during a regular dental cleaning. We use special instruments to remove debris, build-up, and tartar. Then, we polish your teeth to get them looking their best. However, if it’s been a while since your last appointment and cleaning at the dentist’s office, you may be in need of a deep cleaning.

A deep cleaning is basically the same process, but it’s a little more intensive and takes longer to remove the stubborn build-up. Although you might not like the extra chair time, it’s absolutely an essential procedure to improve your oral health and prevent more significant problems down the road. If left untreated, calculus, tartar, and plaque will invariably lead to cavities, tooth decay, and even periodontal (gum) disease.

We are here to stop that from happening! Through the process known as scaling and root planing, we removed the build-up from the entire visible portion of the tooth and even slightly below the gum line. It not only removes the debris but also smooths out the tooth surface to prevent future build-up.

See You Soon!

Because it’s such a thorough process, we may choose to split your deep cleaning into several appointments, perhaps just cleaning one quadrant of your mouth at a time. After your deep cleaning is complete, we may recommend more frequent hygiene visits for a period, especially if periodontal disease is present. These help us monitor your condition and check on your progress. After one or more of these follow-up appointments, you may go back to a regular hygiene schedule (typically one visit every six months).

The goal for all our patients is optimal oral health. We’ll help you get there!