Multicolored ToothbrushesDid you know the toothbrush was invented by the Chinese in the 15th century?

These first toothbrushes were made of hog bristles. Today, most toothbrushes are made from nylon monofilaments which dry quickly and resist breakage.

Did you know a worn-out toothbrush is dangerous?

Bent bristles can injure soft tissues. Worn, frayed bristles won’t be effective plaque fighters, either.

Did you know soft bristles are generally preferred to hard bristles?

Soft bristles bend easily and clean better below the gum line. Hard bristles can damage teeth and gums.

Did you know two toothbrushes are better than one?

By staggering the use of your toothbrush, you give it a chance to dry out between uses and help it live longer.

Did you know only the tips of the bristles of your brush do all the work?

Do not squash them. Polished, round bristles are easier on teeth and gums than straight-cut, unrounded nylon bristles.

Did you know you should toss your toothbrush after a throat infection?

Research suggests that toothbrushes can give bacteria a second shot at you. It’s a good idea to replace your faithful friend every four to six weeks.